Apple released iOS iPadOS 13.4 What are the New Features?

236 Apple has finally released iOS update to 13.4 and also iPadOS 13.4. A number of new features to the software update.

Interestingly, the support of trackpad and mouse to an iPad with the latest iOS version. With this support, the iPad will be able to like a laptop with an additional accessory in the form of a keyboard and mouse.

Apple released the accessories Magic Keyboard in the last week, besides the launch of the iPad Pro.
Only the Magic keyboard is can be used to retrieve a new around the month of may.

the iPad can also be connected with the Apple Magic Mouse 2 apple Magic Trackpad 2, you could even use the trackpad and mouse, by a third party which is connected with bluetooth or USB.

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While for iOS-13.4 new features are available, the latest update allows users to share your iCloud Drive folder for the files of the application. Not just any release, users can also control who has access to the folder.

iPad Pro iPad Pro 2020.

The trick is, via a link, such as, for example, to access files on Dropbox or Google Drive. The user can also choose who can edit and upload files in the folder.

This feature was released to be originally on the iOS update 13 but delays. Summarized KompasTekno from The Threshold, Thursday (26/3/2020), Apple also presented nine stickers Memoji new and updates on the toolbar in the E-Mail application.

In addition, this update will be fixed bug some of the features. All the iPhone with iOS 13 can update theupgrade iOS 13.4. It means that from the iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone can upgrade iOS 13.4.

In General, an update notification will automatically. If not, the user can memperarui the system manually. Like, go to the menu Settings > General > software update.

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