Apple Replaced the anti-roll bar technology in the iPhone of 2020


CUPERTINO, Apple Smartphone, the iPhone offers optical image stabilization. This means that each lens there is a stabilizer that helps maintain the stability when taking photos or Videos.

Nevertheless, Apple will change the stabilizer on the iPhone this year. According to a report from MacRumors, citing a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone from the year 2020, the introduction of the technology of the Sensor-Shift image stabilization.

Please note, there are different types of image-stabilization technology. There’s digital image stabilization which relies on software to compensate for the movement. Then there’s also optical image stabilization, which brings the stabilizer in the lens itself.

In addition, there is also image stabilization sensor-shift, the the stabilizer on the sensor itself. Each of these technologies has its advantages and disadvantages, as cited by Ubergimzo, Tuesday (24/3/2020).

Although Apple is rumored to be the replacement of the sensor technology, but according to Kuo, not all of the models to obtain Sensor-Shift image stabilization. Kuo mentioned, the new features are only available for model iPhone 6.7 inch, which is rumored to be the top version in the lineup.

But, Apple is expected to bring the technology to the iPhone-2021. Apple is a technology company, it is known that it is very strictly the confidentiality of your products, you will find out what is waiting for new devices to the game data.

Editor : Early Angela