Apple reportedly delaying the launch of the iPhone 9 and iPhone 12


Apple reportedly delaying the launch of the iPhone 9 and iPhone 12
You See The Apple Logo. ©2020 Reuters – After Apple ahead of a decline in sales in the first quarter of this because of the corona virus, it seems that it is not only influential in a particular quarter, but over the whole year.

To be the report of Phone Arena, citing Jon Prosser from front page Tech, Apple is planning in the year 2020, launched because of the corona seemed to be shocked.

Such a plan is to announce Apple, some of the products in this March. However, it was reported that the event has been successfully cancelled. This event was previously going to held on 31 March with the VP of Marketing, namely Phil Schiller, the event lead.

But Apple can not confirm, because, in fact, this event they had announced never.

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The postponement of the introduction of the iPhone 9

iphone 9

In the event that Apple has planned the introduction of the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro 2020. But it also had to be postponed due to a major problem in the production.

Let alone in production processes for the supply chain is strongly inhibited because of the corona, still the demand for buying a smartphone in the world ever recorded sluggish.

In China, the market, Apple is the second largest after the USA, now the sales are down 60 percent.

In addition, the cover lot of the official store of Apple is certainly selling hinder figures for the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro a new, if still introduced and released.

According to the report, both gadgets will likely only be unveiled at the WWDC 2020.

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iPhone 12 series Moved?

The event in the big Apple is the WWDC is a regular meeting of developers of Apple, as well as the annual events in September, where the giant of Cupertino released the latest iPhone.

Reported, WWDC has not been canceled, but “modified” to no direct contact between developers. This implies that the WWDC is only online.

But if the situation in corona is a development in the direction of a better, this plan could certainly change.

Moved to the events of September where the iPhone 12-series introduced, it is reported to be. Because the report shows that the test of a prototype of the iPhone 12 get in the kitchen and not the road.

Called, the to be introduced still iPhone 12 series, the end is released. This is delayed in the same situation after the first iPhone X release, because the components are hard to be manufactured.

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