Apple Restricts the purchase of your iPhone Online for Only Two units Per Person, Due to the Corona Virus


RIAU1.COM – Apple, Inc. Limitation, the customer buys the iPhone in the online store in many countries, including the United States, and China, up to a maximum of two phones per person, said a check on its website on Friday.

Limitations on the amount of the purchase price comes directly to the manufacturer of the hardware includes all of the stores, brick-and-mortar outside of China, if the Corona Virus will spread in the world, and the power to lock and to hold the restriction of public movement.

Apple Website shows that in many countries, the drop-down menu, to prevent customers buying more than two iphones of the same model. The last time it was in the year 2007, when the iPhone was first introduced, in order to prevent the people from selling back.

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In mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Singapore, a message appears at the top of the list of the iPhone, the customers say that the purchase is limited to two devices per order.

Apple declined to comment.

Limit the purchase comes as Apple is preparing to shock due to the impact of the Corona-Virus on sales, both because of the interruption of the supply chain and weak demand.

When the disease raged in China, Apple set to shut down all sales and brick-and-mortirnya in the country, just open it back on 13. March. Foxconn, a partner that will suspend the production of the most important, its operations, even though the founder Terry Gou said that production is now back to normal.

In February, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter, the investors warned that the company would not meet earnings forecasts due to the beginning of the manual in the first quarter of sales, due to a virus.

Now, while factories in China have resumed operation, the company Apple and other hardware-weakened in the face of the demand, if in the countries around the world are closing, the retail trade and the enforcement of social distancing.

Corona-Virus that has originally from China by the end of December, 178 countries, infecting more than 240,000 soldiers and kill around 10,000 worldwide.

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13. In March, Apple announced that all Apple Stores outside of China, closed in the fight against the spread of the virus.

To prevent, according to Nicole Peng, the traces on the sector smartphones in the research company Canalys, Apple is probably the limit of the online orders that speculators from hoarding the device and sell it on the grey market.

“This happened in the past in Asia, to sell when there is a launch of a new iPhone and Scalper an opportunity saw the country to the Chinese, where a new mobile is difficult, buying time,” he said.

“Now the stores across the world are already in the vicinity, Broker online see the same opportunities.”