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Apple sends help in the form of a free iPad for the children of workers in China quarantined virus will be provided by a Corona.

Report Reporter Nextren, Zihan Fajrin. – The Apple company had reported losses due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in China.

In addition to the company’s sales, the material is reduced, the products of technology are also known to be problematic.

Although it is a genesis, which is not free, donate, Apple is still to the group or the employee, be submitted directly from Tim Cook on his Twitter account.

PhoneArena reported that the help was already in the hands of one of the workers Apple is located in Wenzhou and Hubei.

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Based on a post shared on social media-Weibo, Apple sends a packet to the employee, the isolated in the two areas.

In the package contained a letter from Apple to its workers.

The contents of the letter, in the form of the sentences of hope and a team of Apple about what happened to his workers.

In the letter, written Declaration of the contents of the package delivered and Apple has set up, advice or guidance specifically for workers.

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The content of the package Apple, a face mask, is supplied is not more being said, some doctors are effective to avoid the virus, and a thermometer, hand sanitizer, or hand sanitizer.

In addition, there are disinfecting wet wipes, something to eat, and iPad, measuring 10.2 inches.

the iPad from Apple are well-known for the use by children of workers study online and can help to spend the time on a long-term stay in the house.

A nice gift from Apple, which is also wise to explode because of the tablet in the China sales are known.

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The contents of the package sent to Apple workers in China.

Apple is known to have already shut down some of its store of 42 stores to 29 stores that open only for up to 8 hours.

Despite the loss, Tim Cook as CEO of Apple in the health and safety of its workers.

Apple is planning to release a new product March 31, which can be estimated, it will be too late.

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The product is the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro, which has the camera module is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro.

Not only both of the products release will be but there is a leak, there are other products.

Such as iPod touch, Apple TV, and StudioPods, which according to rumors, the next Apple headphones.

Unknown rumors are true or not, and on the date of the release of the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro is also not yet known.

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A letter from Apple to help together with the package.


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