Apple Users Can Check The Information, Covid-19 Passing Siri


INDOZONE.ID Apple has updated Siri, information to a wide audience in connection Covid-19. Apple users can ask anything and Siri will answer.

Questions about Covid-19: “How can I know if I was infected with the corona virus or the “am I infected?”

Siri’s response through the consultation on the basis of the complaints of the users. This feature began to be used on Wednesday (28/3).

The mechanism is as follows, if the first time you ask Siri about the virus, then Siri to call a number of symptoms in connection Covid-19. Started by fever, dry cough or shortness of breath.

Service “Siri” (The Threshold)

The people experience the symptoms of pretty extreme, Siri, advise the user to call 911, while someone, isolate the not sure about the symptoms that occur when Covid-19 or not, consult with Siri the user to.

As quoted The VergeOn Tuesday (24/3/2020), the answers that Siri everything is based on the information Center prevention of diseases (CDC) of the United States.

For a while, the information in connection with Covid-19 still focuses on users in the United States. But not the possibility of some time in the future, all Apple can try users in the world, the new service “Siri exclude” them.

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