Apple Watch bands are nests of dangerous bacteria, a study says

A new study concludes that Apple Watch bands are breeding grounds for bacteria…and it’s partly our fault.

Apple Watch bands are nests of dangerous bacteria, a study says
Apple Watch bands are breeding grounds for bacteria, study concludes

Apple never wanted the Apple Watch to be just a health-focused device, but It also focuses on fashion. This is thanks to the different color options for the spheres, but most importantly, the thanks for their straps. If you have an Apple Watch, I’m sure you have more than one, maybe even two straps. There are three more.

A recent study showed that watch straps, including the Apple Watch, is a nest of bacteria and in some cases dangerousSome mistakes are ours. reason? don’t clean them often.

Apple Watch bands need more cleaning

If you’re an Apple Watch user, you not only own multiple watch bands, but you likely wear it every day. However, as a new study points out, Maybe you haven’t cleaned your watch or strap. Certain things can make your Apple Watch band a breeding ground for germs.

from new york postechoing a study published in the journal Advances in Infectious Diseases, in which they analyzed how dirty the watch straps were, and how dirty the straps were. Smart watches such as the Apple Watch. If they cleaned up more, there might be a solution.

researcher’s Florida Atlantic Universityrecently tested straps made of different materials such as Plastic, rubber, fabric, leather and metal, with the aim of detecting which materials accumulated more bacteria. You won’t like the result.

The researchers found that in 95% of the straps they tested contained some form of dangerous bacteria.. Bacteria such as staphylococcus were found in 85% of watch straps.Additionally, 60% of watch strap tests came back positive Escherichia coli and 30% PseudomonasA type of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and has been linked to pneumonia in some cases.

a study showed Apple Watch band needs more cleaning. Fortunately, there’s an efficient way to do this, as explained on Apple’s own support page. Let’s keep in mind that the Apple Watch Series 9 will likely come with a new type of strap that will also have to be cleaned frequently.

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