Apple Watch detects heart disease that hospital did not detect

Image: Apple / Reproduction

An Apple Watch user, using the ECG (electrocardiogram) function, detected a heart disease that previously a hospital was unable to detect. Raymond, the reader of the AppleInsider website, wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook an email thanking him for the device. Cook’s answer, which seemed unlikely, came just over 10 hours later.

Raymond told the website that he had visited a hospital in July because he had experienced chest discomfort. He said that after a battery of tests that included an angiography and a stress test, nothing wrong was detected.

More recently, he used the ECG feature of his Apple Watch and his wife’s, and both revealed four detections of AFib (atrial fibrillation). The disease causes irregularities in the heart rate (usually accelerating) and can cause poor blood circulation.

The Apple Watch was right

After the result of the smart watch, he went to the same hospital he had visited in July and confirmed the case. Hours later, he wrote the email to Cook thanking “for bringing the Apple Watch to market.”

In response, the CEO said he was happy that he received medical support. “Thank you for sharing your story with us – this is what inspires us to keep moving forward.” In the original email, shared with AppleInsider, Raymond said he will “make sure everyone I care about has an Apple Watch”.

This is not the first time that the Apple CEO has responded to a user. Not even the first that the company’s smartwatch could have saved a life. In June, a 92-year-old retired farmer fell from a height of 6.4 meters and the fall detection feature sent an alert to the Fire Department.