Apple will be weekly one million face masks to prevent the coronavirus


Apple will be weekly on a million of masks for the protection of the medical staff that will be distributed in United States and in other countries affected by the coronavirus.

Through its Twitter account, the president and ceo of the giant technology, Tim Cookannounced in a video that the company has manufactured 20 million face masks through your chain of supply as a measure to support the health professionals that work to combat the disease in the world. “This is a global effort and we are working continuously and closely with governments to ensure that the materials are donated to the places of greatest need,” said Cook in the video.

In addition, he indicated that the development, design and delivery of medical equipment will work designers, engineers, operators, equipment packed, and suppliers of the company. The director of the technology company, stressed that the materials for their manufacture come from EE.U.S. and China.

Another issue that the executive pointed out was that each protector is assembled in less than two minutes and have the feature of being adjustable, so that any person can make use of this. In addition to that he indicated that the company is looking for the way to help and meet the changing needs of the medical staff, which is vital to tackle the emergency.

Tim Cook expressed confidence that the u.s. firm will make delivery of one million masks facial this week and another million more from then on. The spokesman of the multinational technology said:

To curb the pandemic by coronavirus which currently has registered 1,345,048 confirmed cases with the disease and has led to the death of 74,565 peopleother technology companies have joined forces.

Such is the case of the case Facebook, which also announced the donation of 720,000 masks for the protection of the medical staff. On this, Mark Zukerberg ceo of the company said: “Facebook has donated its emergency reserve of 720.000 masks that we had bought in case of the continuation of the forest fire” and added that “the company is also working on getting a lot more material to donate”.

United States he is currently the country with most cases in the worldas has already exceeded the 300,000 patients infected. This situation has led the government to set partnerships with the corporate sector to curb the health and social consequences by the disease. Recently, Donald Trump, president of the north american country, announced that his nation will live difficult times by the pandemic.

This week and next week will probably be the most difficult for the country (…) Unfortunately there will be many deaths” said the president last Saturday.

On the other hand, Elon Musk, CEO of Teslabought 1,255 fans to China and sent them to Los Angeles to attend to the patients affected by COVID-19. The car company aired recently a video that shows the process of elaboration of the medical equipment from the parts of cars in their centres of production of cars.

In addition, Google announced that it will publish the data that has been collected on the movements of the people during a public health emergency. The technology firm said that it plans to disseminate a series of reports for disabled community in which it will be possible to observe the places that people visit in 131 countries. This, with the aim of track the trends of movement over time and by geographic location, are able to help to informing the response of governments to the pandemic by coronavirus.

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