Apple’s attention to employees who are Isolated Because of the Corona Virus…



WUHAN – The outbreak of the Corona virus in China is forcing many industries to create temporary employees. This step is taken so that the employee is not infection with the Corona virus.

Similar was also the Apple. In fact, reduce the burden on your staff, isolated in Wenzhou City, Hubei province, Apple sends by the packages to you.

Start MacRumorsSunday (1/3/2020), one of the employees that get the package of parts your content on social media-Weibo. In it hand sanitizerThermometer, masks, wet wipes, snacks and much more. Interestingly, Apple, the iPad sends a 10.2 inch latest in the packaging.

Apple also sent a letter to its employees through the program. The goal is to explain, to give the purpose of the company iPad to help your kids learn while they are isolated in the house.

“the iPad can be used to facilitate the online learning of children or to help pass the time during the duration of the stay in the house for long,” said Apple in his letter in the package.