Apple’s Siri help, the users recognition of the symptoms of COVID-19 : Okezone techno


LONDON Apple’s Siri gets an update that allows users to run the investigation of the symptoms of the corona virus, or COVID-19. Quotes BbcSiri will give you a questionnaire Yes or not, if the users ask “Hey Siri, I have the coronoavirus?” or its variants.

This update has found iPhone users since the end of last week. Siri will ask you whether to allow the user to breathe the symptoms COVID-19, such as fever, a dry cough or difficult.

Then the wizard virtual this is to advise those who to consider of experience severe symptoms or life-threatening contact with the 911.

However, if the user says, the symptoms are not exceptional or life-threatening, Siri can be instructed to stay home and avoid contact with other people. Siri suggests that contact with a medical facility if his condition is getting heavier and heavier.

Siri will also offer users a link to the App Store, where you can download a health app and a consultation with the medical staff in the virtual.