Approved glasses, insurance for vision: ‘You have to buy them somewhere trustworthy’ – hit the streets

Heading into summer, we’re all more aware of the dangers of prolonged sun exposure. However, now that summer is coming to an end, it must be remembered that the danger continues. While the skin is often the part we care about the most, there is another part of our body that suffers a lot: Eye. But of course, how are they affected? How can we protect them? Dr. José María Martínez de la Casa, professor of ophthalmology at Complutense University, explains all of these issues on “Putting the Streets”.

Our eyes are often affected by summer behavior. It’s exposure to the sun, chlorine in swimming pools, and foreign objects that we find on beaches, cause discomfort and irritation, such as conjunctivitis, which forces us to go to the doctor to remedy it. Since these behaviors predominate in the summer months, such inquiries increase significantly during the season. Therefore, it becomes even more important to wear sunglasses or diving goggles to protect us from all exposures.

But how should sunglasses be worn?looks silly but must be approved. You have to be careful if you have lsa’s that don’t meet this requirement as they can damage your vision by causing the pupils to dilate which allows more light to enter the eye. This is exactly what Dr. José María Martínez de la Casa, Professor of Ophthalmology at Complutense University, explains in “Poniendo Las Calles”.

Sunglasses for everyone.This is recommended because no exact age to start using them. They should be used whenever you are going to be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, whether you are a child, adult or elderly. This is even more so if you fall into the latter group, since many problems that develop in the eyes, such as cataracts, are related to advanced age.

Of course, if you go into the water, you have to use different glasses, you have to choose diving glasses.And, be careful, we should never wear contact lenses, because we face Bacteria that cause us serious infections In extreme cases, this can cause us to lose our sight. Also, we have to be careful about the water we get in because if it is not treated it can contain microorganisms that are very dangerous to our health.

Considering that our eyes can be drier in summer due to the environment and air conditioning, it is recommended to wear approved sunglasses, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and stay hydrated. This way, redness, irritation and the sensation of foreign objects in the eyes are prevented . Prevention is the answer.

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