Apps Mysteriously Disappearing from the Google Play Store, Here is How you restore it


Apps Mysteriously Disappearing from the Google Play Store, Here is How you restore it

BANGKAPOS.COM – Some Android apps that don’t know, mysteriously disappeared from the Google Play Store, and the developers just what is going to happen. Fortunately, it is not difficult for the developers to restore their apps in the Play Store as usual.

Since the Google Play Store is true, the only connection to that for the application of Android outside of China, there is a large community of developers to make money on their apps in the Play Store, the living, either through in-app advertising or through the sale of premium content.

While there are several app store alternatives out there, if you have Android exist apps in the Google Play Store, you can also to the public.

Hence, app from the Google Play Store to remove financial problems, which is very critical for some developers. Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem that many Android developers this morning, including Dylan Roussel our own, what a Inware is his mysteriously missing from the Play Store.

Android developer community on both Reddit and Twitter, also has the loss of the Play Store app, the large and small, including examples of important how Kodi media player, and DS cam Synology, which appeared to be both since it again.confirmed

From what we can tell, the Android app that affected not the actual, because of the Google Play Developer Console, every application yet Published the lists as a”.” On the contrary, something seems to happen at the end of the Play Store, which has made the request, gives a 404 error.

Google has confirmed this problem to us, and said that you studied actively the disappearance of these. We will continue to update this post with the details, such as we have.

Update at 3:00 p.m. : the Google Play Team is investigating this issue, and although they have not yet released the cause of the problem, they said that all applications should now be normal again. That is to say, Gmail is not officially contact the developer of the concerned about the situation via email.

Meanwhile, the people found behind the Smart Launcher has a solution, the far managed to consistently restore the app on the Play Store in a matter of minutes.

In short, the Android developer that is missing is the application, a small change in the list of the Play Store, including the just-added extra space to the description of the application. This will force the Play Store to update your information on the application, the application triggers available, it is once again to the public.

We can test it yourself with Inware and witness the return of the application to the store within 20 minutes after delivery, although your experience may be different.