aquaman 2 scene with ben affleck cut

We’ll have to wait until December 25, 2023, to get our first chance to look into the room aquaman and the lost zonefilm directed by james wan Which brings the DC Comics-branded hero back to cinema, which also represents the most successful movie universe is trying to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe empire – without success.

aquaman and the lost zone It was a somewhat tame film for everyone in attendance Amber Heard as Mira. In fact, many viewers complained about the actress’ appearance, especially in light of her conviction in a defamation case brought by Johnny Depp, when Heard defined her “wife beater”, In fact, in the opinion of a large portion of the public, Amber Heard should have been fired from the film, just as Johnny Depp was prompted to resign from the role of Grindelwald in this saga. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, But Warner Bros. has confirmed that the actress will reprise her role. jason momoa And, even after the presentation of her new film at the Taormina Film Festival, Amber Heard seems inclined to restart her career.

However, in these hours aquaman and the lost zone Making headlines not because of Amber Heard, but because of ben affleck, according to what you read above ComingSoon.netActually, the actor will not get a chance to see himself on the big screen. It seems that in this second chapter of the saga centered on the Arthur Curry/Aquaman character, the decision was made to cut the scene that saw Ben Affleck again dressed as Bruce Wayne and his superhero alter ego Batman. James Wan’s film has seemingly been in the works for an infinite amount of time: it’s undergone multiple rewrites and re-shots of several scenes since the first test screening. Ben Affleck joined the shoot last July to replace the one he was supposed to shoot Michael Keaton, He had to reprise his role as Batman, though he did glitter, when it emerged that Affleck was also going to be involved glitterProduction of aquaman 2 decided to work without any Batman presence in his narrative. a choice involving the decision of James Gunn and Peter SafranThe new head of the DC Universe, determined to jump-start a failed cinematic universe that’s consistent and doesn’t promise audiences more than it can deliver.

At the moment there is no specific information about its story aquaman and the lost zone, All that has been confirmed so far is the return of the main cast who will reprise their roles to rejoin the sets and adventures of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman following his debut to the general public with the role of Khal Drogo. game of Thrones ,game of thrones in the original language) has now become a familiar face in cinema, especially in the mainstream, as evidenced by his participation in fast x deletion as far as ben affleck is concerned aquaman 2 This comes just weeks after reports of his presence on the sets of deadpool 3, Maybe to reprise his role as Batman or maybe Daredevil.

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