Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – Director justifies cutting Amber Heard’s presence


Aquaman and the lost kingdom is a Christmas present that DCEU try this. As in other cases, there is no feverish anticipation or special reason to abandon all obligations and escape to the theater.

However, the sequel to the blockbuster James Wan there is a reason for this. Again, the magnifying glass must move towards purely media-related motives.

James Wan has actually confirmed his presence in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Amber Heard (translator Measure). The same actress during the epic trial Johnny Deppannounced that his presence would be curtailed (polemically implying that he had received poor justice).

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

James Wan recently substantiated this issue and put an end to the controversy. Given that the mess that erupted, it was necessary to postpone filming and cut short Heard’s acting career.


However, his role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be reduced for purely narrative reasons. The director actually commented that while the first episode focuses on Aquaman and Mera’s journey, the second will focus on the story in a nuanced way. bromance about Aquaman and Orm.

So, not everything has to do with differences between Heard and Depp. Of course, there are several alternative reasons for choosing Wang.

In fact, Aquaman and Orm will have to face Black Manta, more brutal than ever, and this time the owner of the infamous black merman.

Whatever happens, I wonder if it will actually be a success beyond the actress’ limited involvement. There DCEU trying to pick up the Marvel baton as it navigates stormy waters.


Will Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom be another showcase of poor quality, or is there really room to give it more credibility? Apart from anything else, we’ll have to wait until December 20th to find out.

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