Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom one of the worst cinecomix ever? Word to the screening tests


In early April the release date of Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom was brought forward, but if we want to give credence to the latest rumors about the DC film, there seems to be very little hope of replicating the extraordinary success of the first episode of 2018.

According to the latest updates from Los Angeles, in fact, Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom it has been called one of the worst cinecomix ever after the latest test-screenings, which mark yet another attempt by Warner Bros to screen the James Wan film starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard to a test audience after the disastrous advance screenings of Aquaman 2 held last February.

The famous insider ViewerAnon, very close to DC environments, wrote on Twitter in these hours: “I’d like to ask Warner Bros to stop holding test-screenings for Aquaman & The Lost KingdomI’m literally sick of hearing about it!“. Commenting on his own post, he then added: “This is not a post about the quality of the film, but simply the number of test screenings they have arranged. This month only, there was one last week and another one tomorrow. I think that at this point in Los Angeles everyone has already seen it at least once.”

Of course we will keep you updated on any news regarding the upcoming film directed by James Wan, scheduled for release in cinemas worldwide starting December 20th.

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