Aquaman the Lost Kingdom stops filming after Jason Momoa tested positive for Covid-19

The sequel to Aquaman, titled The Lost Kingdom, has just suffered a sudden halt in its filming, after the actor in charge of giving life to the protagonist, Jason Momoa tested positive for Covid-19, This was reported by a report from The New York Post. According to the media, the actor is isolated to avoid more outbreaks on the filming set.

The actor’s diagnosis It could stop production for a couple of weeks, but the North American newspaper mentions that the producers are considering recording material that does not require the presence of Momoa, Well, the shooting schedule is very tight.

According to the same source, the actor does not show any symptoms after testing positive, and according to UK filming rules, he must maintain a quarantine of a few weeks. On the other hand a few days ago Amber Heard posted a photo showing Mera’s outfit on the way to the set, although it is unknown if the photo is old or current, but in case of being recent, there is a high probability that the actress could also have been infected if she filmed scenes with Jason.

The production team of Aquaman 2 is regularly tested for coronavirus, as mentioned by the newspaper The Sun, who also adds that only Momoa tested positive, while the rest of the team was unaffected. due to the virus or at least not yet present any symptoms.

It is not the first time the health emergency derived from the Covid-19 pandemic slows down a production of DC Comics, because last year, during the filming of The Batman, Robert Pattinson also tested positive for coronavirus, forcing him into isolation while the team filmed other scenes that did not require the presence of the actor.

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