Arabesque Ellie Schlein on TV: that is, what is called super-cazzola

How does he speak? How does he speak? Words are important!” In this case, it is not Nanni Moretti’s exclamation in the iconic scene from Palombella Rossa, which ends with a slap in the face of the journalist who dared to say “kitsch” and “cheap” in a row. And yet this”Who will understand her if she says so?” What Lilly Gruber addresses one strange secretary of the Democratic Party at half past sevenrightfully enters the political sphere.

There really is something surreal about the interview.: Ellie, with the ease of a light blue double-breasted portofino, arabesque shirt, a little out of breath from excessive exuberance, looks like a gray reincarnation of the gardener Chance. And to say that in talking about La7 she did not even resort to “piest acerrimo” (a hyper superlative used after the death of Silvio Berlusconi), but explained in a much more banal way “failure of government policy in the field of outsourcing” And then, moving on to another quote, Ellie at least rediscovered “premature super dickin memory of Tognazza.

Upon careful analysis, it turns out that it is not so much what he would like to say (and what he cannot make intelligible) as what he would like to say. but the way he says them. In modern language there is little or nothing in it. A kind of Esperanto, the result of a combination of the American campus and Ettore Scola’s terrace. An involution, also the result of the ambitions of a man who, almost by accident, became the leader of a party he despises. So he does it his way, ignoring everything the Democratic Party was before February 25th..

The meticulous chronicler remembers many precedents.: waste-to-energy plant (“that was decided before I arrived”), promotion of supporters outside the Democratic Party, Jobs Act, military spending, refusal of a local candidacy in the Monza by-election, etc. on. In short, make yourself comfortable, I’ll take care of the rest. Not by chance, Ennio Flaiano teaches that in Italy the shortest line between two points is the arabesque.. Not only is this often the texture of his shirts, but Ellie’s favorite slang.

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