Aracely Arámbula Maintains Her Position: She Will Not Authorize Her Name to Appear in Luis Miguel’s Series

Aracely Arámbula.

The actress’s lawyer denies that there is an approach with the filmmakers of the Netflix production, so her image cannot be included in the series that narrates the life of Luis Miguel

Aracely Arámbula maintains her position of not authorizing her name and brand to appear in ‘ Luis Miguel: La Serie ‘.

Given the rumors that emerged in recent days that the mother of the two children of “El Sol” had supposedly had a rapprochement with the directors of the Netflix production to make reference to her in the third season, the actress’s lawyer He assured that there is no such thing.

“ The information they gave two or three days ago is completely incorrect. There is no such negotiation or such authorization. It is false that there was a meeting or talk, “said Guillermo Pous.

“Mrs. Arámbula remains in exactly the same position that is not to authorize the use of her image and does not allow it to be included in the series.”

However, the production has the freedom to manipulate or fictionalize any character linked to Micky, as they have done so since the first installment.

“ They have the freedom to change or fictionalize it to the extreme so obscene and gross that it may not even look like it, but they can identify it. The use of the image goes far beyond the name, “he said.


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“From what I understand, as the series has been fictionalized or at least this second season until the last episode broadcast, it has so many inconsistencies wanting to make use of people’s image, but avoiding it so much that it ends up falling into an absurdity”, assured.

This situation has already been discussed by the lawyer with Arámbula.

“The last time I had contact with the producer, I insist, the talks that took place and the agreements that we reached were absolutely verbal, but I understand that we spoke with professional and decent people, it was that the will of Mrs. Arámbula would be respected. and that his image would not be used. That they have absolute freedom to change their mind, modify what has already happened, they can do it, “he added.

He said he knew that the third season of ‘ Luis Miguel: The Series ‘ has been produced.

But Pous stated that he confirms that his client, Mrs. Arámbula, has not authorized anything.

“If something has been shown here, it is that chivalry has not existed for who should address the secrecy of any personal relationship he had with a lady,” said the lawyer.

On the other hand, although it was made public that Luis Miguel has breached the pension of his two minor children, so far there is no reaction from the singer’s lawyers to catch up.

“ Not until today. They continue to fail to pay the pension, “he said.