Aragon notifies a residence of a COVID-19 outbreak two months after the last outbreak

Aragon reported on Thursday an outbreak of acute respiratory infection in a residence in the province of Huesca, Eight affected users 52 exposed persons (38 elderly and 14 workers). All cases were positive for covid-19 and had mild symptoms. This is how the latest epidemiological bulletin reports, making appropriate recommendations for controlling the outbreak and actively monitoring for the detection of new cases. The last bulletin collecting the situation caused by the virus in dwellings was in week 25, between June 19 and 25, when three new covid-19 outbreaks were detected in the center of the province of Zaragoza, At that time there were 16 confirmed cases.

before him Increased incidence of covid-19Observed in recent days, experts have cautioned about the need to maintain precautions when symptoms appear, use face masks and limit contact with vulnerable groups such as the elderly or immunosuppressed, and take other steps to avoid entering unventilated enclosed spaces. Federico Arribas of the Spanish Epidemiological Society (SEE) noted the importance of following vaccination guidelines to maintain a good immune status.It must be remembered that the Aragon Public Health Department has spent weeks preparing next flu campaign A coronavirus vaccine will also be available in the fall for the third consecutive year. The pattern is likely to be similar to last season’s, with both flu and COVID-19 vaccinations given at health centers in places where health professionals travel (other than residences). The idea is to develop the movement among the oldest, the most vulnerable and health professionals. Administration can be sorted by age group, with those over 80 continuing later with those over 65.

Since the end of the coronavirus health emergency, COVID-19 surveillance has become Sentinel Surveillance System for Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (Sivira), from the Carlos III Institute of Health under the Ministry of Health. In the latest update, it was reported that the covid-19 incidence rate continued to rise nationwide, with a rate of 99.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in primary care (compared to 89 the previous week), particularly among those over the age of 64 middle. The XBB.1.5-like+F456L variant (including sublines EG.5 and EG.5.1) and XBB.1.5 predominated.“When the virus entered the residence, it was still transmissible, although not as deadly as it had been,” recalls Nacho de Blas, an epidemiologist and professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Zaragoza. “There — — he went on — you must Continue to maintain precautionary measures to avoid unnecessary risk situations. And, when in doubt, wear a mask.

About 280 cases of meningitis between 2000 and 2023

The Aragonese Bulletin of Epidemiology, published this Thursday, corresponding to week 32, from 7 to 13 August, reported that between 2000 and 2023, 278 cases of meningitis were reported in the community, Mandatory and Emergency Notifiable Infectious Diseases This requires immediate public health intervention to prevent secondary cases in patient settings. By province, Zaragoza has 195 cases; 58, in Huesca; 25, in Teruel. The main serotype was B, with 130 cases, followed by C serotype. During 2023, as of the date of the last announcement, there have been six cases.

in SpainThis year, the total number of notified cases (confirmed and probable) is 191, with a cumulative incidence rate of 0.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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