Aragon region up 273% since June

Sales of the antigen test used to confirm covid-19 cases in Aragon continued to soar: in the second week, pharmacies had distributed 8,244 units, according to consultancy Iqvia. This represents a 273% increase compared to the end of June.Increased demand for this diagnostic test is reflected in Coronavirus incidence rebounds In recent weeks, this has in turn translated into greater stress on care at health centers and emergency services, and more hospital admissions for the condition.

In just one month, Aragon Pharmacy doubled sales of antigen tests. According to the latest report by Iqvia, a consultant specializing in health management, the number of infections in the community has increased by 273% since the last valley was registered at the end of June. A similar percentage to the national average (174%), and communities such as the Navarre, Cantabrian and Valencian communities. They heard from the pharmacy that the increase in demand had been going on for several days. Some people experience symptoms similar to those of the flu or cold, or contract the flu or cold to avoid contagion to rule out the diagnosis. Many people are requesting to wear a mask while taking an antigen test, especially ffp2.

It is far from the data obtained by successive waves of new crown epidemics since the outbreak of the global pandemic. In March 2020, The impact of the virus will result in less severe illness and will not add undue stress to health centers. In fact, after declaring the end of the health emergency, information on the evolution of the coronavirus, the confirmed positives or the occupancy of beds for this pathology is no longer available. This situation can be roughly seen through weekly reports from the Sentinel Surveillance System for Acute Respiratory Infections (Sivira), part of the Ministry of Health’s Carlos III Health Institute. In the last update, the week of August 14-20, we observed that nationally, covid-19 incidence rates remained constant, hospitalization rates fluctuated upwards, and the XBB variant dominated. 1.5 – like+F456L (like its name, which includes sub-lines EG.5 and EG.5.1) and XBB.1.5. The incidence rate in primary care was 76.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, an increase since week 26 (when it was 30 cases per 100,000 inhabitants). The incidence rate is highest in people over the age of 64. On the other hand, cases requiring hospitalization are concentrated among patients over the age of 80.

According to Federico Arribas of the Spanish Epidemiological Society (SEE), “In primary care, there may be Cases continue to increase“, which is directly related to the fact that the new crown virus still exists: “Fortunately, most cases are mild. One reason may be the increased social contact in summer and the greater fluidity of these dates. In his view, the new crown virus “is not seasonal” like the flu”, so more cases will appear at any time.

Hospitals in communities as diverse as Catalonia or Valencia have reinstated the mandatory use of masks. It must be remembered that health centers (next to residences and pharmacies) were the last establishments whose use was mandatory until a few weeks ago. Regarding the possibility of this decision being extended to Aragon, Alibas noted: “it is important to have common sense “Everyone with symptoms should wear a mask and avoid contact with other people as much as possible.” Especially among the most vulnerable. He noted that we have to see “how the cases develop”.

hospital emergency

It’s been a tough summer for hospital emergency rooms. Staffing shortages due to the summer holidays and the closure of beds on the floor have slowed admissions to these services, along with increased medical pressure, which remains high during these months.

In Royo Villanova, they Thursday 16 people saturated and 20 bed earrings. Most of them are sick old people.

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