Arcángel Pointed Out That There Are Women Who Ask for Respect, Even When They Show Their Bodies by Likes and Anitta Exploded

Anitta clarified to the singer Arcángel that all women deserve respect.

The singer said: “You want to be respected as a woman, but you spend your time teaching … on social networks for ‘likes'”. The Brazilian could not bear it and now he asks her forgiveness and even tells her that he loves her

The singer Arcángel has set Instagram on fire this week with comments that have been widely criticized for their macho tone. His exact words were: “You want to be respected as a woman, but you spend your time showing cul * on social networks for ‘likes'”.

The Brazilian Anitta, with whom he has collaborated in the past, did not take long to respond to him to remind him that he himself has shown semi-naked women in his music videos and has exploited their bodies to the fullest.

Happy women’s day. That they deserve respect with or without whom * s outside. Be it on your Instagram or in music videos of men who believe that there should be women of one type to exploit them in what suits them and women of another type to make it yours, “added the artist, who is the first to often share photos explicit on their social networks, unable to hide their anger.

Now Arcángel has apologized to her through a video in which he affirms that he never intended to offend “serious and respectable” women, but that he will undoubtedly also raise blisters for the differentiation he establishes between Anitta, whom he deeply admires, and other celebrities and influencers.

“ Anitta, I love you and adore you. There is no bigger fan of your buttocks than me. I give a thousand ‘likes’ to your photos “, he assured him in a conciliatory tone to try to bring positions closer. “ Within this macho society that surrounds us, women have had a very difficult time. And maybe that strong, fighter, warrior, serious, responsible woman could be offended by my comments. To that type of woman, my apologies. “

However, the artist has insisted on the idea that there are other women to whom he does not consider that he should extend the same treatment due to the way they behave in the virtual sphere.

” There are women who use their social networks to prostitute themselves and sometimes demand a certain respect from men, that if you don’t behave like a woman, you don’t deserve it, ” she added.