Archstar: “Turin vs Milan? It’s like challenging Pamela Anderson” – Turin Chronicle

“Turin should be likeSpiderman, throw the web in one direction to achieve an unstable balance. This is the era of city metamorphosis.” Soarchitect Chino Zucchicompany designer Cloud Lavazza and restyling Rider, expresses his vision of Turin. L’Milanese archivistwho was a guest yesterdaycity ​​center in front of the Municipality, he also, not without irony, compared Turin with his city: “Turin in Milan, like Isabelle Huppert It is for Pamela Anderson. But in the end, the developer runs away with the blonde. In addition to sarcasm, Zucchi also shared his vision Turin’s future regulation plan: “The plan must meet the needs of citizens in forms.” And one more thing: “The concept of the environment and urbanism should not become enemies, it is necessary to keep urban culture and green culture together. And urban culture is a culture of dialogue, you see. But I see the fear of many conflicting minorities”explained the Milanese architect, adopting the English term: “Urbanity”, which means: “Good manners”.
Zucchi showed little support for the concept “City in 15 minutes”: “It’s limiting in some way, it’s not true that a city can live only 15 minutes, like in many “big cities”. Instead, he emphasizes, capital scales with precise axes are needed. The plan,” he adds, “is to generate an intervention program on a smaller scale, similar to a competition announcement: maybe when the parts are determined, we need to write what we need and run a competition.”
Zucchi then toured the various urban areas of the former “factory town” and its symbol, Mole Antonelliana: “City memorabilia is not planned, like the Mole, which was never planned.”

Cavallerizza, construction sites to start in February: “Passing through the Royal Gardens”
Another strategic point for Turin will soon be the Cavallerizza Reale, whose construction, confirmed by the Compagnia di San Paolo, will begin next February and will probably end in 2026: “With my project, the Cavallerizza will become an open passage to the Realistic Gardens,” points out the archivist. “The former thatched beds will become a large cultural incubator, cafeteria and multi-purpose space in the Mosca arm, and above it the offices of the Compagnia di San Paolo.”

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