Arcore: The forces of order “leave” Villa San Martino… but only during the day

Within a few days, the permanent daily garrison of the Carabinieri was eliminated. On the other hand, constant patrols from 7 to 7 were confirmed.

Someone has already called it a typical “Italian solution”: there is no permanent garrison during the day, but evening and night surveillance is maintained, complete with a patrol of carabinieri from exactly 19 pm to 7 am.

The forces of order “leave” the Villa San Martino… but only during the day

It is not difficult to understand that we are talking about the surveillance service that the Carabinieri conducted for almost 30 years in front of the gates. Villa San Martino in Arcore. Thus, more than two months after the death of Silvio Berlusconi, the report continues, even if many are wondering why. A surveillance service that, in truth, has not been interrupted in the past, even when the founder of Mediaset was no longer prime minister.

Many Arcoresi in recent weeks, especially on the city’s social media pages, passing in front of what was Berlusconi’s headquarters, have repeatedly wondered why, despite the death of the former prime minister last June, the carabinieri continued their control activities. on Via San Martino.

Fixed garrison eliminated

Something has changed since August. In fact, during the day, that is, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., the permanent garrison was liquidated, even though the residence of the Arkorezov, now inhabited Marta Fashina and Piersilvio Berlusconi continues to be monitored with multiple passes by law enforcement patrols throughout the day. The presidium, which, on the contrary, at sunset, exactly at 19:00, returns for the evening and night in front of the gates of the historic residence in Arkorez, built by the Casati Stampa family of marquises in the 18th century.

According to what was established by the Ministry of the Interior in agreement with the General Command of Armagh, the surveillance service for the Villa San Martino was created not only for the presence of the former prime minister. In fact, surveillance was focused on the villa and the huge park, since the pleasure abode became the venue for important party and government meetings several times. It is possible that this decision may change again in the coming months and, presumably, the Carabinieri may finally leave the service.

Marta Fashina continues to live in Arkor

In the meantime, as we said, Marta Fashina continues to live in Arkor. According to her, unlike the rumors that have been circulating for several weeks, there was no notice of the eviction of the Berlusconi children. The presence of Berlusconi’s partner has always manifested itself as a silent presence, especially in recent weeks. Just a Facebook post in memory of my almost husband (“God, how I miss you”) and only one public release, before August 15, at the Berlusconi Trophy. An opportunity for a family that once again showed a united, peaceful face and is currently under the supervision of the carabinieri.

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