Are Addison Ray and Kourtney Kardashian Still Friends?

Are Addison Ray and Kourtney Kardashian Still Friends? After a while, a hint appears! Here are the latest updates!

Addison Rae has definitely disappeared from the radar, in fact she seems to have given up on the career that made her a global star – content creator. Through his success on TikTok, he met and got to know Kourtney Kardashian. The two formed a real bond of complicity and seemed inseparable! However, over time we saw them less and less together until only a good memory remains between them.

But today something has changed, and the fire of complicity seems to have flared up again between the actress and the entrepreneur! In fact, just a few days ago, Kourtney Kardashian shared on her Instagram profile with Addison Rae. They were at the pool in swimsuits taking some photos to post on social media. Thus, the friendship between them is not yet over. and from time to time they are still used to seeing each other!

Addison Ray and Kourtney Kardashian no longer friends? Tiktoker would make a woman angry!

Article dated September 28, 2021- Addison Ray AND Kourtney Kardashian they established a very deep friendship until they became best friends. But recently something has changed, in fact it seems that they are not as close as they used to be. Do these two still consider themselves friends? And what could be the reasons for their departure? We explain it to you!

Addison Ray AND Kourtney Kardashian they became friends in 2020 thanks to one of Kourtney’s kids who wanted to meet the very popular creator. Many fans called their friendship “weird”. age difference (22 years)despite constant criticism, the two social media stars continued to meet and be friends!

But something went wrong, it really seems that Addison slipped on Courtney revealing too much about her personal life. Two weeks ago, the creator was invited into Andy Cohen’s living room and decided to answer a few questions about Kourtney’s previous relationship with Scott Disick. Indeed to the question:Do you think that Kourtney and Scott should be together??” Addison would say no!

The answer, which, according to a source very close to the Kardashian family, she did not like so much that she moved away from the tiktok star. The same source defines Addison’s “passing phase” in Courtney’s life in that their friendship was born to end. The American press writes about all this. Apparently, the two icons are no longer as close as they used to be!

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