Are Piqué and Clara Chia getting married? The latest rumors

Gerard Pique And Clara Chia Marti they would be thinking about the wedding. This was stated by the Spanish press, which also revealed that they would be dreaming “a very intimate ceremony“. Now inseparable, the two live their love story in the light of the sun: he even said he was his partner’s puppet. It seems that during a dinner at the restaurant where they cooed, someone heard them talking about the wedding. Journalist Mónica Vergara would report during the programme fiesta by Telecinco: “Clara said she wants a very simple family ceremony“. Orange blossoms that never happened with the Colombian.

Piqué, Clara Chia and Shakira: love, hate and music

Love is booming for Piqué and his very young flame, while Shakira preferred to vent her anger in music (as revealed in a recent interview), which has become therapy for her. The last two tracks of the Colombian singer have become real hits around the world: Music Sessions Vol 53is full of vitriolic phrases, such as the very famous “You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo, you swapped a Rolex for a Casio”. In TQGthat is to say Te quedo grandethe singer throws arrows, even at Clara Chia: “What if he knows you’re still looking for me? Why are you looking for me? You know I don’t repeat mistakes. Tell your new little girl that I will not compete for men”. The former Barcelona footballer and the artist had two children: Sasha And Milan. Together with them, according to the revelations made by the Spanish press, Shakira should move to You love mewhere, moreover, the father will have to undergo a delicate intervention.

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