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Are rocks the new gold? NFT stones are priced in millions of dollars

Key facts:
  • EtherRock is a game based on the Ethereum network in which there are 100 NFTs of rocks.

  • The current floor for each of these digital pieces is 305 ETH, or more than $ 986,000.

Stone is a rudimentary element that has been on planet Earth since the beginning of time. In fact, it is even difficult to think of our ancestors without visualizing some rocky structure in their hands or surroundings. However, the most advanced technology has been linked with this element recently and not in any way, but through one that moves millions.

To the surprise of many, non-expendable digital rock imaging tokens have now grown in value. As the CriptoNoticias Criptopedia indicates, these tokens are unique, unrepeatable and rare, which can eventually lead to a sharp rise in their price when demand grows.

The curious thing is not only that the “work of art” is a stone with a white background, but the fact that They are selling for thousands and even millions of dollars. This Monday, August 23, one of these digital pieces was sold for USD 1.293 million, and there are already others that are sold for almost double that value.

What is EtherRock?

EtherRock is a platform created in 2017 in which 100 units of these NFTs are marketed. The description of the project explains that it is a “game” that can be accessed using a plugin like Metamask and, of course, having ethers (ETH), the cryptocurrency used to trade the stones, in an Ethereum address .

Once this is done, the user will see information on each of the stones on the EtherRock page; In addition, you will be able to know if it is for sale or not. This is the main purpose of the page, its developers detail, since the system itself is based on a smart contract on the Ethereum network.

EtherRock’s NFTs were launched shortly after the famous Cryptopunks, which also sell at high prices today. Perhaps this age is one of the factors that lead to these tokens being appreciated, given that Rarepepes, the oldest NFTs, are also among the most valued today.

Another cause of its high price may be shortages. This is a feature that is repeated among NFTs, as mentioned above, but is accentuated in cases like EtherRock, since there are only 100 units available. Of course, the rocks are used for nothing more than collecting them and, if necessary, selling them.

The high value of EtherRock NFTs

The EtherRock Price Twitter account provides detailed information about the operations that are performed around these non-fungible tokens. In addition, they update the prices of the available units each time they vary and specify the code for each operation.

This account reported on August 22 than a stone, number 87, was bought for 187 ETH. At the time of closing this note, that sum is equivalent to USD 604,571 according to the CriptoNoticias price index.

Also, another August 23 post detail that the “floor” to buy these NFTs currently stands at 305 ETH ($ 986,065). For example, stone number 62 is priced at that value, while there are others that are worth even more, such as numbers 62, 57 and 89, among others. Number 77 is the most valuable on the list, selling for 777 ETH ($ 2.51 million).

Regarding the most recent transactions, EtherRock Price reported that same day that the highest operation in history (ATH, acronym for All Time High) had been carried out minutes ago. One rock, number 42, traded for 400 ETH (USD 1,293 million at the closing of this note). A few hours earlier, another NFT was sold for 250 ETH ($ 808,250).

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