Are the rumors about the infidelity of Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel are true?


“Don’t do good things that look bad”, says the saying, but Justin Timberlake is confusing with some actions mysterious.


November 29, 2019

Far from denying the rumors, Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright continue to give of what to speak. The actors, who are filming Palmer in New Orleans, were caught together again in conditions nothing is working. Nor are they compromising situations, but it seems that in truth are keeping in contact outside of the set.

According to information it reports E! Newsthis time they were sitting together in the trailer for make-up, within the set recording of the tape, and they were separately, according to specified local media. The first time I saw taking a few drinks and in one of the images that are viralizaron she has her hand on the knee of Justin, and in another, taken hand-in-hand!

“They’re downplaying everything and trying to laugh, but it was definitely inappropriate and something that would make you feel uncomfortable for any wife. Your marriage will survive. You feel guilty and compensate. She is very good with him and he knows how lucky he is. He says that was not a big problem. They were all hanging out together and that is the end of the story,” said a person close to Jessica Bielthe wife of the singer.

This statement is complementary to that a couple of days ago gave another source close to the couple: “there is absolutely nothing between them. They were out there with the cast, the team, the make-up artists and they were all passing it well in a social context. They are just working together. Any other rumor that you do not have to do with that are riding together lacks validity”. Someone else said: “they Are shooting a movie together and it was just a group of people that went out together. There is nothing between them”. That coincides with statements in other media: “it Is that, come on now, you are in a outdoor terrace in New Orleans and he is famous. There was nothing”.

Jessica and Justin have been a couple that has ceased to see the confidence that we have, so that we hope the also singer not to abuse this situation.

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Cynthia Modesto

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