Are there mushrooms in your bathroom?These four tricks can help you eliminate them

this bacteria They’re an unpleasant consequence of high humidity and low ventilation, so it’s common for them to grow in bathrooms. In addition to affecting aesthetics, these black spots may also have health effects.

he mold It reproduces by spores, which colonize and grow in moist places. But when they get into the airways, they can trigger allergy-like symptoms or harm people with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma.

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How to get rid of mushrooms in the bathroom?

know which ones are Four Tips You Can Follow Eliminate fungus on bathroom walls and tiles.


he chlorine It is a powerful disinfectant that eliminates and prevents fungus from reappearing.

To use it, you must Mix 100ml of this liquid with 200ml of water In a spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly on the mushrooms and leave until completely dry. Brush the tiles with a sponge soaked in the same mixture to remove traces of fungus.

with vinegar


he vinegar It is one of the most commonly used ingredients when cleaning because its high acidity allows it to act as a mild but effective caustic.

To kill mushrooms with vinegar, you have to Soak the area with liquid for an hour. Then wash the entire surface with hot water to remove any black spots. When you’re done, try to let everything dry.

with baking soda

Since it is an alkaline medium, baking soda It easily dissolves dirt and oil from surfaces.

To put it on a wall with fungi, it needs to be prepared A paste made from 1 tablespoon of liquid soap, water, and 1 cup of baking soda. Apply the mixture to the fungus and leave it on for 30 minutes, then scrub the area with an old toothbrush.

there is steam


he steam It helps you loosen the most superficial layers of fungus. If you don’t have a steam gun, you can clean the bathroom after you shower.

In this case, it’s very important that you worry about leaving once you’re done well ventilated and as dry as possiblepreventing the steam from adding humidity and making the problem worse.

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