‘Are we out of money?’: ‘The Expendables 4 star’ sticks poster with own character


  • 50 Cent makes fun of his Expendables 4 character poster, questioning the image quality and complaining that his head looks separate from his body.
  • In addition to 50 Cent, the upcoming film will feature new characters played by Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Jacob Scipio and Levi Tran.
  • This film will likely be the last in the Sylvester Stallone saga, with Jason Statham leading the saga in the future if it continues.

‘The Expendables’ star 50 Cent makes fun of his own character poster on social media. The upcoming sequel, directed by Scott Waugh, will see the return of Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross and Jason Statham as Lee Christmas, and the duo will team up with some familiar faces for a dangerous new mission. 50 Cent is playing a mercenary named Easy Day in the new film, and the actor has joined a slew of new cast members.

Now, with the release of The Expendables 4 character posters, 50 Cent has taken to Instagram to criticize Easy Day. Here is his post below:

“What the hell, we ran out of money?” – writes 50 Cent in the signature. “Because my head doesn’t seem to be connected to my body. I bet they will make (Sylvester Stallone) look amazing. SMX”.

Explanation of the new characters in The Expendables 4

The Expendables movies are known for featuring action stars from across generations of Hollywood. While the upcoming film will feature several original characters who won’t be returning, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture will join Stallone and Statham as part of the original team. These familiar faces will be joined by newcomers to the saga in the third, explosive installment.

In addition to 50 Cent, The Expendables 4 introduces Megan Fox as Gina, Lee’s apparently new love interest and seasoned cameraman. Also joining the franchise are Andy Garcia as Marsh, Tony Jaa as an as yet unnamed character, Iko Uwais as Rahmat, Jacob Scipio as Galan, and Levi Tran as Lash. As revealed in the Expendables 4 trailer, Scipio and Uwais will play the villains in the film.

The upcoming film is expected to be Stallone’s final appearance in the saga, passing the baton to Statham. If the new movie is successful, it’s highly likely that many of the new characters will return for another installment without Stallone’s involvement. How viewers will take The Expendables 4 remains to be seen, but the cast has traditionally been one of the biggest strengths of previous installments.

Source: 50 Cent/Instagram

Key release dates:

  • Expend4bles release date: September 22, 2023

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