Are we ready for another pandemic?

The coronavirus came so unexpectedly that what was supposed to be a highly contagious epidemic in Asia turned into a pandemic. The pandemic has led people around the world to isolate themselves at home and continue to be restricted to prevent the virus from spreading. Globalization and the virulence of Covid-19 are the main enemies we need to fight as the daily flow of people is so high that the disease spreads like wildfire. Of course, the coronavirus also has an easy route of transmission, making this virus spread extremely fast.

What we have experienced during the pandemic has caused different world organizations and many countries to consider whether we are ready to face a similar situation again. Therefore, drugs and vaccines are developed to prevent another pandemic.

To this end, the British government on Monday unveiled a new facility in Wiltshire county in southern England dedicated to Next Generation Vaccine Researchto ensure that future pandemics do not wreak havoc on life as covid-19 has.

This is the so-called Vaccine Evaluation and Development Center (VDEC) and is located on the UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA) grounds, in the town of Porton Down, near Salisbury (Wiltshire).

According to the disclosed details, Live viruses will be kept in containment facilities, and researchers will test for pathogens for which no vaccines have been developedor those diseases for which immunity can be improved, such as influenza.

Specific diseases will also be investigated, such as tuberculosis (TB)while they are currently in a Phase 1 clinical trial Possibly world’s first injection against Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fevera tick-borne virus that is very serious in 30% of cases.

UKHSA chief executive Jenny Harries said what they were trying to do was Learning from the problems of covid-19 so that the country is prepared for any new epidemics.

This preparation came after it was discovered that previous administrations were too focused on preparing for a flu pandemic rather than other types of pathogens.

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