Are you afraid of witches? We encourage you to give it a try by watching these movies on streaming.

This figure served as inspiration for the creation of horror feature films (but not only). The five streaming movies you’ll find below prove it.

Anniversary chosen today to offer you the usual streaming movies unfortunately, it is far from the happiest: on September 22, 1692, seven women and a man were hanged in Salem on charges of witchcraft. These are the last executions of a process that, unfortunately, has become very famous due to the shed of innocent blood. How did you go? witches from American cinema and more? L’horror obviously, it was the genre that brought this figure to the audience, while simultaneously offering underground discourses about the female figure and her state of constant danger in a coercive, cruel world dominated by the opposite sex. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming movies dedicated to witches

  • Suspiria
  • Witches of Eastwick
  • Who’s Afraid of Witches?
  • Witch
  • Suspiria

Suspiria (1977)

One of the best films of the great director Dario Argento presents a very dark and enchanting story about womanhood. Even this was denied. Suspiria “The Original” almost immediately becomes an unusually coherent audiovisual riot, with music and photography dominating the galloping production. Alida Valli gives us one of her performances as a great actress, Jessica Harper she turns out to be the perfect protagonist. A cult title, a night terror and dazzling at the same time. To be framed. Available at KILOSES, Google games, Amazon Prime Video.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

A fantastic comedy with moments of irreverent horror, directed by an iconoclastic genius George Miller based on an amazing cast: Jack Nicholson as Beelzebub, with Susan Sarandon, Cher AND Michelle Pfeiffer act like a courtesan for him. But we also want to mention the always nice person Veronica Cartwrightcult fantasy actress. Witches of Eastwick overcomes the script’s shortcomings with triumphant and compelling cinematic moments, a fun and flirty film for genre lovers. To be viewed with exceptional taste. Available on Google Play.

Who’s Afraid of Witches? (1989)

In this brimstone and at times terrifying adaptation of Roald Dahl we find nothing short of great Nicholas Roegwho leads the great Anjelica Huston in a fantasy film that surprises and intrigues until it decides to get serious and starts to scare you to the core. Cult title of the late 80s. Who’s Afraid of Witches? it penetrates deeply, shocks, and cannot be reconciled with the spectacle it offers. In short, a fantastic arthouse movie. And what author… Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Witch (2016)

In our opinion, the best horror film in the last ten years, a subtle and frightening game with the viewer played by Robert Eggers sharp and from one Anya Taylor-Joy really perfect for this type of auteur cinema. Witch he plays with the invisible in an exemplary manner, suffocates with large and empty spaces, frightens with montage and naturalistic photography. The ending is healthy, gloomy and symbolic. A truly stunning film, a rare gem in a genre that too often uses counter-narratives to win over younger audiences. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Suspiria (2018)

Luca Guadagnino revisits Argento’s film and does so through a process of devastation and mental reworking that symbolizes the story and the characters. His Suspiria it goes to different and different levels of interpretation, but still manages to hypnotize and, more importantly, frighten. Dakota Johnson as a main character he works very well, Mia Goth in support it often becomes harsh, Tilda Swinton remains an ordinary great actress. We liked the film, it manages to pull the rug out from under us, as horror should do. Available on CHILI, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

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