“Are you happy after that?” Snezhana Babkina responded to the hate because of her naked buttocks

Snezhana Babkina spoke out in response to the subscribers' hate (Photo: Instagram.com/snezhana_babkina)

The actress and the wife of musician Sergei Babkin Snezhana spoke out because of the hate from the subscribers. He attacked her because of a nude photo published in a story.

A day earlier, in her Instagram stories, Babkina played a game with subscribers. Its essence was that she published pictures from different situations, which her followers called her. One of the requests was: “a photo on your phone that you are embarrassed to post.” In response, Babkina showed a snapshot from yoga classes in the nude.

In the picture, the actress and choreographer is doing exercises without clothes and bra in black thongs. In the signature to him, she indicated that the photo was not staged, but spontaneously taken by her husband, Sergei Babkin.

Snezhana Babkina does yoga in the nude / Photo: Instagram.com/snezhana_babkina


Apparently, in response to this publication, Babkina received many unpleasant responses and comments in her private messages. She soon wrote a long post where she spoke about human toxicity and the need to accumulate positive energy.

“ My desire to speak out‼ ️ 95% of women, no less !!!, live in restrictions, in fears, in clamps, without self-realization, without love for oneself and loved ones, without Energy!

-ENERGY! Have you heard that?

-Not, haven’t you heard, what nonsense?

And have you heard that your Health, your Love, Relationships, Happy Children, Beautiful body, Successful business, Fulfillment of Desires 100% depends on the quality of Your Energy, which you broadcast to the World every minute !!! If you have never thought about it, it’s time to start urgently‼ ️ You – There is Energy! All our business needs energy!

What energy do you think women have who have spoken out about my nude yoga? NO! AT ABSOLUTE ZERO! OR EVEN IN A MINUS! Where there is Zero, there is stagnation and a wild stench! You are wasting your precious resource on me, on other people, pouring shit on them.

And after that, are you happy? You can go to the mirror and tell yourself from the bottom of your heart – What kind of beauty am I ?! Do you make your man, your children happy? Do you enjoy every day you live? Do your dreams come true easily? Are you cheerful, cheerful and happy? Do you have time for everything? I doubt it.

I sincerely believe that the first place should be- Salvation of Yourself from this Shit Swamp! This is paramount! What we pay attention to is always growing !!! Therefore, I always try to develop myself every day in all directions! Surprise yourself every day and Give thanks!

The woman is UNIFORM, TIGHTENED, ANGRY, NO ONE NEEDS WITHOUT ENERGY‼ ️ She is disgusting to herself, her husband does not know where to go, and eventually leaves. Children are in a hurry to grow up and run away. Money is not earned. Etc! This is a big problem! It’s Snowball! First we criticize ourselves, then others, then the whole WORLD!

What is my advice to you‼ ️ Direct your attention to the positive in relation to yourself, other people and the world. To notice only the wonderful. Notice everything we do well and what works. Praise yourself more often and divert attention, shift the emphasis on good. And remember that your True Self is Love, purity, positive. You are good emotions, good mood, bright thoughts.

ps Sorry for the rude statements somewhere, deep in your soul, you agree with me, “Babkina summed up.

Also in his profile, Sergei Babkin published a video where his wife dances without pants, moving her buttocks. “Another gift @zirkovyi_shlyah personally from me. And all the envious! Get the kids away from screens! 18+ “, – the musician signed the video.

In the comments, many subscribers said that they did not appreciate this content:

  • With all due respect to your creativity … it is unpleasant to look at. You love each other anyway, but this is not absolutely aesthetically pleasing.
  • Why show it to the public
  • And what was it and why? And where to laugh?
  • And your children also saw ???

Sergei and Snezhana Babkin are a couple in the Ukrainian show business who are known for their frankness and openness. The couple recently became parents again – their third child was born. Sergey also has the eldest son, Ilya, who lives with the musician’s first wife.