“are you ready to party?”

mother of jesus she is ready for her next Tours Summer. This shows how he is addressing his fans Social, in particular, in fact, the queen of American pop has published a Video In which he asks fans if they are ready to celebrate the highly anticipated “Madonna: The Celebration Tour” starting July 15.

amazing thing Neck The close-up of the 64-year-old singer and the way the Material Girl presents herself on social media thus created a way to date the start of her musical tour that has included more than 80 dates.

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visited mother of jesus Will begin on July 15, 2023 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada and end on January 30, 2024 at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico.

Before starting the tour, the singer decided to launch the first mines at her audience to evaluate the promptness of the reaction: a video in which she shows herself with a crazy crack was the exact hook with which her fans was forced to take the bait. However, fans who have seen DescriptionOr how much that video has been “retouched” with filters and post-production.

The success that the pop queen brings comes with news that marks a milestone for Madonna: She has become the first woman since Cher to have a single open on the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades.

queen of madonna pop

Cher and Madonna are, in fact, the only female artists to reach this milestone, Billboard noted Wednesday. The singer won the Hot 100 with Popular, a collaboration single made with Playboy Carti and The Weeknd for the latter’s new show The Idol.

Popular includes scathing lines about a woman so obsessed with fame that she would “sell her soul” and “kill anyone” to attain it. The track was released on June 2 amid a storm of controversy surrounding The Idol, which has received a beating online since it premiered in Cannes in May.

Fresh from the popularity and criticism generated by the track, Madonna released a single called Vulgar with Sam Smith in which she says, “Boys, get down on your knees ’cause I’m Madonna.”

In other words, the Queen of Pop continues to talk about and shake common sense and morals to achieve goals and success that she certainly achieved brilliantly while riding a wave of dissent and discontent. Is.

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