Are your eyes itchy in the pool?not because of chlorine

August 14, 2023 – 09:40 am Updated 08.14.2023 – 09:40h

If after a day at the pool you red and irritated eyesYou might think this is because the swimming pool has too much chlorine. However, the reality is that this substance does more than just keep the water free of bacteria.The culprit behind all this is Chloraminethe substance formed by The chemical reaction of chlorine and nitrogen. But where does nitrogen come from?

Especially in public swimming pools, Chlorine binding to urine, sweat, saliva and cosmetics such as sunscreen Causes us to get conjunctivitis. To relieve itchy and stinging eyes, it is best to apply a few drops of eye drops to relieve itchy eyes.

If you’re one of those people who suffers from year-round eye discharge, in additional information we tell you how to get rid of itchy eyes caused by allergies.


maintain proper hygiene in swimming pools

Although the rules of public pools always state that it is No peeing in water, and some people do not comply.The result of chlorine mixing with urine and other bodily fluids (such as sweat) can cause Chloramines, derivatives of ammonia.

Apart from, The famous chlorine smell isn’t there when you’re out of the pool, because when it is diluted with water, it doesn’t have any smell. In fact, the smell is produced by chlorine mixing with different chemicals from bodily fluids, sweat, and even exfoliated skin.

To avoid itchy eyes and the characteristic “chlorine” smell in the swimming pool, we recommend that you do not open your eyes or wear diving goggles underwater.It is also important to follow some swimming pool hygiene rules:

Showering before and after bathing

Girl takes a bath in the pool shower.

Although pool lifeguards always order this to be done, it is rarely done. You have to take a one-minute shower to get rid of the dirt and bacteria from your body that doesn’t end up in the pool.

Likewise, it’s important to shower when you leave the pool to flush away any germs already in other people’s pools. Also, it is important to avoid digestion or dehydration.

Do not urinate or defecate in water

While this may seem obvious and is always a mandatory rule for all pools, it is ultimately not followed. Most kids (not a few) end up peeing in water. Also, if they don’t bathe every day, they will end up leaving their feces in the water.

this urban legend Appearance red circle This is useful for children when someone urinates in the pool, thus preventing them from urinating in the water.

do not swallow pool water

It is common among children and teens to observe how they become who they are through play. choke.In these cases, they inevitably swallow the pool water from time to time, as in children learning to swim. This water definitely contains chloramines, which can cause intestinal problems if ingested.

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