Area east of the Valley of Mexico, foco rojo of Covid


Nezahualcóyotl, Mex.-Locations in the east of the Metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico —mayors of the capital and municipalities mexiquenses— add up to 2 thousand 664 infections Covid-19, more than those registered in the State of Mexico (2 thousand 355, to the court Sunday).

Iztapalapa is the mayor who presents the largest number of people infected with coronavirus, with 676; followed by the Gustavo A. Madero, 494; Nezahualcóyotl, 307; Ecatepec, 258; Iztacalco, 213; Venustiano Carranza, 200; Chimalhuacán, 137; Chalco, 89; Ixtapaluca, 78; Tecámac, 75; Valley of Chalco, 60; The Kings Peace, 45, and Texcoco, 32.

Of these localities, Gustavo A. Madero records most deaths, with 56; followed by Iztapalapa, 43; Nezahualcóyotl, 20; Ecatepec, 18; Venustiano Carranza, 15; Chimalhuacán, 11; Iztacalco, eight, and The Kings Peace, six.

This situation reflects the growth of cases in both entities, which is why the authorities insist that the citizenry do not go out of his house and to abide by all the measures of prevention.

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In regard to suspected cases, according to the Secretariat of Health (Ssa), the mayor’s office Iztapalapa, 319, tops the list of the area east of the Valley of Mexico; followed by Gustavo A. Madero, 278; Ecatepec, 154; Nezahualcóyotl, 147; Iztacalco, 106; Venustiano Carranza, 102; Chimalhuacán, 85; Chalco, 53; Tecámac, 41; The Kings Peace, 38; Ixtapaluca, 36; Valley of Chalco, 35, and Texcoco, 24.


The mayor of Nezahualcóyotl, Juan Hugo de la Rosa Garcia, proposed a metropolitan coordination integrated by authorities of the capital and mexiquenses, as well as by federal to develop a plan that will avoid the spread of the coronavirus in the region.

“Should deserve a more specific attention to that area by the health authorities and the federal to be able to generate this coordination and achieving to curb the number of hiv infections,” he said.

He warned that by the dizzying rise of the infected on that part of the country, the hospital network that works would be insufficient to treat patients who get sick in the next few days.

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In Ecatepec are hospitals, José María Rodríguez and The Americas, as well as clinics 76 and 196 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). In Nezahualcóyotl, the hospital Gustavo Baz, The Pearl and the clinic Isssemym. In Chimalhuacán, the General Hospital and St. Augustine. In The Kings Peace, a clinic of the IMSS.

In Iztapalapa there are three hospitals. In the Gustavo A. Madero operate five. In Venustiano Carranza, three, and in Iztacalco, one. In Texcoco, three; in Ixtapaluca, two; in Chalco, three, and in Valle de Chalco, one.

In the meantime, the contractor shall state, Alfredo del Mazo, reiterated the call to the population to stay at home, because in a few more days is expected to grow the number of infected, who required medical attention and hospitalization.

“We need to reduce the rate of hiv infections, save lives and the best way to do this is to stay at home. I know that it is very difficult to put a pause on all our activities, [por lo que] I acknowledge the effort you have made, but only so we can make it.

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“Our concern is right there: in the patients that need hospitalization. It is growing at a very fast pace and, if continued, will cause it to saturate the health system,” he warned.

In a message issued on social networks, commented that the state government reorganized 106 hospitals in the public sector and allocated 30 to cater exclusively to cases of coronavirus. He also stressed that increased the health care team and adapt to various spaces, such as the Convention Center of Toluca, or the hospital inflatable in Ecatepec, to receive patients.

“From the beginning of the pandemic we prepared for the most difficult moments. We’ve reorganized the 106 hospitals and prepared floors complete, duly isolated and protected.

“We’ve increased the health care team. We’re adapting other facilities to be able to serve more people,” he explained.

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