Arequipa: 20% increase in eye diseases

The main cause is exposure to sunlight and blue light.

Author: Dana Felipe B.

Over the past five years, more and more people in Arequipa are visiting eye clinics for different visual conditions. Proving this, cases of the three main diseases – carotid disease, cataracts and macular degeneration – increased by 20% during the said period. José Corrales, head of ophthalmology services at EsSalud Arequipa Medical Network, said that although the age group affected has been decreasing.

what are these?

According to experts, the first disease is characterized by, as the name suggests, the appearance of fleshy eyes. This is like a string from the iris to the sclera (the white part). An affected person’s eyes may become stinging and red when exposed to sunlight or water.

The second condition occurs when the eye’s natural lens (lenticular lens) begins to become cloudy. At the same time, the third leads to the loss of the central area of ​​the visual field. “For example, when a person can only see the picture of the television but not the content,” explains Corrales Aragón.

The sun and mobile phones are the enemies of the eyes

The head of the EsSalud Arequipa Eye Service points out that the main cause of these diseases is the blue light emitted by sunlight and technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Regarding the first question, he explained that ultraviolet radiation in Arequipa is very harmful. This is because it is located in a place where the ozone layer is weak.

As for the second one, he points out that people spend so much time in front of screens that they forget to blink. This action is important for the secretion of tears. Likewise, many people have developed the bad habit of using devices with the lights turned off, which has led to an increase in cases of the above-mentioned diseases.

Vision disorders in young people

The number of people suffering from these vision problems is getting younger and younger. A panorama that worries the doctor, for example, he has treated patients with cataracts who were 50 years old, and before that the condition was not lower than 70 years old. What’s more, conjunctivitis in infants is also becoming more common.


In light of this, experts urge residents of Arequipa to use sun protection, wear a hat and good-quality glasses, and avoid excessive exposure to blue light. Again, if you have any visual questions, please consult a professional in the field. That is, an ophthalmologist, because instead of helping you, others who provide these services may make your condition worse.

Beyond that, he says it’s the professional’s responsibility to check that your optician is fitting your lenses correctly, whether they’re tanning, prescription or rest lenses. It is recommended that these products have protection against blue light and UV radiation.

“We are doctors before we specialize in ophthalmology. We are ready to treat and solve vision problems wherever possible. So if you don’t wear glasses, come in once a year or if you wear glasses, come in twice a year. You have to remember, Your eyes are the windows to the world,” the expert concluded.

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