Arezzo Wave Live @ Darsena Pop Palazzolo Sul’oglio

music. Power. rhythm. Sounds of the present and sounds of the future: On Saturday 15 July, from 8.30 pm, the stage of Darsena Pop by Etinero – in Palazzolo Sul’oglio, in the center of Parco Metelli – will host the finals of Arezzo Wave Lombardia. Regional edition of the longest running Italian competition of “scouting” dedicated to new talents.

Arezzo Wave Competition

From 1987 to the present day, in fact, the contest – now in its 36th edition – with its international business and its eclectic attitude, has attracted over 50,000 registered groups and artists, representing a range of musical genres from rock to pop, electronic A wide range is included. To the people Edition after edition countless talents have been discovered: from Afterhorse to The Lista representative to Picked Jacks, the indie rock band that represented San Marino at Eurovision 2023.

Two new categories have been established in this 36th edition of the contest, one dedicated to Bruce Springsteen’s 50th birthday and one dedicated to hip hop: “50 Years of Bruce Springsteen” celebrates the 50th anniversary of Boss’ debut album “Greetings from Asbury Park”. and invites participants to recreate or reinterpret a piece from the repertoire of an artist who made music history; “Hip Hop Wave” is dedicated to everyone who is under the age of 25 and who can make a cover for the first 50 years after the birth of hip hop culture, when the first party with DJ Kool Herc was held in the Bronx. Went.

The contest’s jury members include Sat Bisla, founder of A&R Worldwide Agency (Adele, Coldplay, Muse, Katy Perry) and organizer of Musexpo, one of the largest US showcase festivals in Los Angeles, where bands and artists are selected. Is. Among the finalists of the Arezzo Wave Competition by him.

Evening at Darsena Pop

While waiting for the judging crowd to perform at Darsena Pop, four projects – including groups and solo artists – will compete to win the title of Best Band-Lombardia 2023, which will allow the winner to take part in the national final in Arezzo . Wave contest, “The First Station for Future Success”, details of which will be announced soon on the website and related social channels. Singers in competition: Noe, Lumen, God Is On The Radio, Atwood. Darsena Pop will open already at 6 pm; Admission free. I will have the unique opportunity to enjoy excellent music, discover new vibes and taste the best of Italian gastronomic specialties in street food key selected by Etinero.


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