Argentina again free of bird flu

Argentina restores health to HPAI-free country), as. .and be known Avian Influenza. This comes after the last of 18 outbreaks detected by commercial establishments registered in the country ended.. On February 15 this year, a national health emergency was declared. Adoption of Senasa Resolution 147.

According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Juan Jose Bashiro, who pointed out Health action against the latest HPAI outbreak in poultry has been completed. in some meaning, National Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) notification OIE (OMSA) Restoration of Sanitation in Argentine Bird Flu-Free Countryin line with recommendations from international entities.

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Bashiro in a statement Emphasis on “the interface with the productive sector and with provincial and national institutions, promoted by the Minister of the Economy, Sergio Massaso that Argentina can return to epidemiological stability after nearly six months since the outbreak was first detected in poultry farms” and finally close the last of 18 outbreaks detected in commercial establishments registered in our country. Declare a national health emergency The status was arranged through Senasa Resolution 147 on February 15 this year.

Vietnam reopens to Argentine agricultural exports after market closed due to bird flu

At the end of last month, Vietnam has allowed the export of Argentine poultry meat and flour productsby accepting the zoning criteria, allowing marketing within the framework of the sector’s health conditions due to avian influenza.

The National Portfolio explained that it received a letter from the Department of Animal Health (DAH-MARD) of Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (DAH-MARD) on July 27 approving the new international veterinary certificate model proposed by Argentina.

also for Export poultry meat products, poultry offal hydrolyzate, poultry feather and blood meal, poultry offal powder to Southeast Asian countries.

The issue has been negotiated in recent months and was between Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Minister Juan José Baillo and Foreign Ministry Secretary for International Economic Relations Cecilia Todesca Bocco and Part of the agenda for the meeting held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tran Tanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Do Thang Hai, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry of the country.

Argentina again free of bird flu

In this sense, Baghiro emphasizes that “Senasa resumes work at the destination within the framework of joint management with the industry chambertechnical teams in the public sector and the clear instructions of Minister Massa to continue to promote Argentine production and exports to the world”.

Meanwhile, Rodolfo Acerbi, vice president of Senasa, said: “This is part of a collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries aimed at the reopening of markets for poultry products in line with the strategy of designating areas free of bird flu. Already adopted by Vietnam et al. Accepted by different countries. We have been working along the same lines with China.”

Vietnam is the fifth destination of Argentine agro-industrial exports with an export value of US$3.19 billion and is one of the priority countries for the Argentine poultry industry Renegotiation of certificates, allowing trade to restart after the AI ​​outbreak, especially since it is one of the main certificates for poultry food.

what is bird flu

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is a disease that affects poultry production It affects domestic poultry (mainly chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese) and wild birds.

experts claim It is not spread by eating poultry meat or eggs.. Senasa warns that the virus can only be transmitted to humans when handling symptomatic birds. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is necessary to contact Senasa so that they can activate the protocol without major problems.

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