Argentina goalkeeper goes from goal to goal and celebrates like Cristiano Ronaldo

He goes from goal to goal and celebrates like Cristiano Ronaldo (Pasión Deportiva TV)

A strange incident happened in Riotercen Regional Football League. corralito agriculturethe last winner of the Apertura tournament, visited Neighborhood unity and won 2-1. They went 1-1 thanks to a goal from Juan Bueno and goalkeeper Alexis García saving striker Marcos Herrera’s penalty. -0 lost. However, Guillermo SabellotiThe visiting goalie put in a great performance on the field.

In the 39th minute of the game, under the siege of the opponent’s pressure, Maximiliano Roldan, wearing the No. 4 jersey, made way for the goalkeeper. The latter shot “high, strong and far” without hesitation, just like the old man. Just as the reporter described it. The peculiar thing was that the ball hit the gate of the opponent’s area and found his colleague on the fence in front of him. The ball went past him and meekly into the net, to the surprise of all Aglario, although that didn’t seem to be the case for Sabelotti.

It turned out to be an archer He jumped up, spread his arms, and imitated Cristiano Ronaldo’s usual celebration, ending the celebration with a classic “yeah!”. He seems to be preparing for this event for a special occasion like his screams. Immediately, the aforementioned Roldan, who was closest to him, embraced him. “Are the great goals you achieve real? Sabelotti made a clearance from the Aglario area and the ball traveled through the entire field in the air, hitting the local area and finding Garcia in front. From one goal to another Goal,” Agrario’s Twitter account posted. Soon after, the victory was complete thanks to Mateo Perez’s goal in the first minute of injury time, and the account shared a video of the victory that went viral.

“Kick Guillermo hard…I want to get ranked!” The video of Sabelloti’s goal from one ball to the next put the partial record of Becinos Unification at 1-1. Now the first team with the fewest defeats in Apertura has also scored. ” highlighted the club, which ranks 11th in the Autumn League with nine teams, 15 places behind leaders 9 de Julio.

One of the accounts that took this action and copied it to the network was on tiles. “Can a goalkeeper celebrate like CR7? Yes, from Agrario de Corralito,” he signed. Aglario picked up his gloves and referenced the tweet and his usual joke with Hector Enrique from Maradona’s legendary goal against England at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. “Can anyone talk about Maxi Roldan’s attendance?”he encouraged.

As he awaits the Asian Champions League match against Persepolis in Iran with Al Nassr, will CR7 find himself in a diving match with the goalkeeper at Rio Tercero?

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