Argentina is HPAI-free country

Senasa has guaranteed this condition to the OIE.

fact. The country’s first detection of bird flu occurred six months ago.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries has reported that the health operation against the recent highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreak in poultry has come to an end, with the last of 18 outbreaks detected in commercial establishments registered in the country closed. nation.

“With the promotion of the Minister of Economy, linkages with the productive sector and provincial and national institutions, Sergio Massaso that Argentina can restore epidemiological stability almost six months after the virus was first detected in poultry farms,” ​​said the head of the Secretariat, Juan Jose Bashiro.

“The National Service of Agro-Food Hygiene and Quality (Senasa) submitted to the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) a document with a self-declaration that supports and maintains Argentina’s status as a disease-free country,” the state official added road.

After more than 28 days since the completion of inactivation tasks such as final disposal, cleaning and disinfection of the affected farms, the last outbreak of HPAI among the 18 commercial establishments registered in the region has been achieved. . Likewise, according to epidemiological surveillance, no new outbreaks have been detected in poultry since June this year.

In this sense, the documents prepared by the Senasa National Animal Health Agency (DNSA) describe the measures taken, slaughter and disinfection actions and the epidemiological surveillance carried out since the first outbreak was confirmed in February 2023, which support the Free country according to section 10.4.6 of the OMSA Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

It is worth noting that the self-declaration of HPAI-free countries prior to OMSA will be communicated to each export destination of Argentine poultry products in order to understand the position of each country and advance negotiations accordingly..

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