Argentina is in ecstasy it Becomes two geniuses! Up CR7 hallucinates!


The rumors never come alone, and this, that brings the mighty wind, and in two addresses, threatens to upend the The first Division of the argentine league the names that are handled and the club recipient. If confirmed, it would be a movement almost unique and unprecedented in the south american championship, putting River Plate in the first line of battle to challenge all the big tournaments and with the maximum guarantees.

And is that both players have passed millionaire and the two not only went through the big door, but have triumphed in their respective national teams and above all in the european leagues. In the first case, perhaps the most complex, appears the figure of Gonzalo Higuain, partner today Cristiano Ronaldo in the Juventus of Turin. The Pipit it starts to weigh to return to River now that your career has taken the downward curve.

It will not be easy, as your most high salary is unfeasible for River, as well as any possible attempt of unlinking of the Vecchia Signora; therefore, only the express desire of the player to returndeparting from the entity transalpine and getting off the ground, can make the dream argentine reality. And it is not the only one. Because the other great bastion that it sounds to River is that of the great colombia striker Radamel Falcao.

The Tiger signed a contract with the Galatasaray but his career has gone through different problems, including a season in Champions League harmful where they fell, among others, with the Real Madrid, all of which has left a bitter taste. Mainly because the competition is stopped just when the best was giving the team in Istanbul. Both cases are in the media, and in two separate signings River would gain in punch and show. Are difficult, yes, but the two players saved The Monumental very in and Europe they are going being great. Also on the horizon for both roars a basic need: to challenge the America’s Cup. Dreaming is free for all.