Argentina, seed of the World Cup: what rivals will it avoid in the group and the “cuckoo” that nobody wants to face

Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni are already thinking about Qatar 2022 (EFE)
Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni are already thinking about Qatar 2022 (EFE)

The Argentine team qualified for Qatar World Cup this Tuesday and in this way there are already 13 selected who have their place assured in the great tournament that will begin on November 21, 2022. Although there is still a lot of time and the Playoffs have not finished, it is already possible to predict how part of the raffle drums would be.

Is that for the draw to be held in April next year in Zurich, the ciboriums will be armed according to the FIFA Ranking and precisely those who are at the top of that list have already secured their ticket to the Middle East. Qatar, as the host, will be seeded of Group A, while the seven best combined on the planet will be distributed in each of the remaining areas.

Is so Belgium, Brazil, France, England, Argentina and Spain they will be seeded and they will not be able to cross in the first phase. It remains to know which will be the other selection that makes up this Pot 1. Italy, in case of winning the European playoffs, he will join this select group, but if he does not succeed, his place could be occupied by Portugal, although the combined CR7 he is not sure of his participation in the contest either.

Further down the FIFA Ranking appear Mexico (1,673) and Denmark (1,669), but the difference in points between the two (4) is so small that they could alternate positions according to the results they obtain in their next commitments. The same with Netherlands (1,652). That is why at this point it is impossible to know who of them will be higher on the list in March 2022, when the list is defined.

For being 12th in the FIFA ranking, Germany will be in Pot 2 and could share the group with Argentina (Reuters)
For being 12th in the FIFA ranking, Germany will be in Pot 2 and could share the group with Argentina (Reuters)

What is possible to know today is that in Pot 2 will be Germany, Croatia, Serbia and Switzerland. They can be added PortugalIf it qualifies for the World Cup and so does Italy; Denmark, if Italy or Portugal qualify for the World Cup; Netherlands, if Italy or Portugal qualify for the World Cup; or any of the other European teams that wins their playoff key: Sweden, Scotland, Russia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Wales, North Macedonia, Ukraine or Turkey.

Naturally, the big bogeyman from Pot 2 that everyone will want to avoid is Germany. The same will happen if Portugal or the Netherlands fall into that ciborium. But the truth is that the team led by Hansi Flick, who was very low in the FIFA Ranking for having been eliminated in the first round of the 2018 World Cup, is one of the candidates to lift the trophy in Qatar, so no one will want to share a zone with the.

On the other hand, lThe conformation of Pots 3 and 4 is still impossible to determine, since there will be the selected ones from Conmebol, Concacaf, Africa and Asia, whose Qualifiers have not ended. So far, with several dates ahead, there is no clear picture of which teams will be able to seal their participation.

To date, in South America Ecuador and Colombia are obtaining tickets to Qatar, while Peru is in the playoff zone, although there are four rounds ahead. On AfricaIt remains to play the playoffs and there are 10 countries that will play that instance for the five World Cup places: Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco and Republic of the Congo.

On the other hand, in Concacaf There are still six dates to be celebrated and the table has Canada, the United States and Mexico in the qualifying zone with Panama in the playoffs. Finally, in Asia, with 4 games to play in February and March 2022, the leaders of Zone A are Iran and South Korea, while in Zone B they are held by Saudi Arabia and Japan. Those four would be accessing the World Cup, while Australia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) would be playing a final for a place in the playoffs. Finally, in Oceania the Qualifying will be played between February and March and will award a place for the playoffs.

Confirmed Pot 1:

Qatar, Belgium, Brazil, France, England, Argentina and Spain.

Confirmed Pot 2:

Germany, Croatia, Serbia and Switzerland.


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