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Argentine Analyst Says Bitcoin Price May Hit One Million Dollars But It Won’t Be Soon

In the framework of the second day of the DescentralizAr event, organized from Argentina, analyst Carlos Maslatón spoke about the price of Bitcoin, made a historical tour of the price of bitcoin and expressed some forecasts. “Bitcoin is going towards a million dollars, but it will not be soon, nor will it get there directly,” he said bluntly.

Looking towards a future horizon, taking into account “all the movement that is now being navigated”, and thinking of a maximum amount, Maslatón spoke of two figures to take into account thinking about where the price of Bitcoin will go in the short term. “I have two numbers: one is USD 357,934. What is now worth 49,212 is targeting the figure of $ 357,934. The second possible extension is 464,342. We go to one of these two levels, ”he clarified.

Will it reach a million dollars?

“We are going towards the green stick (a million dollars) of Bitcoin but not directly. We are going further ahead, indirectly ”, remarked Maslatón.

Taking into account the short term, Maslatón pointed out that, within a year the cryptocurrency would move between the bands of USD 357,000 and USD 464,000 dollars. After that there will be a sharp drop, down to something like $ 330,000.

“I don’t see a million dollars fast,” the analyst commented. However, his forecast would exceed the one million number only in 2026. “The number he gives me (for the year 2026) is USD 1,658,700 per bitcoin,” he said.

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