Argentine stocks fall and country risk breaks a new record

After the holiday, the indicator prepared by JP Morgan already exceeds 1,800 points. These data hit the debt renegotiation process with the IMF.

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This Tuesday at noon on country risk reached a new record by touching 1809 points. Its about highest value in more than a year, and its level shoots up 1.9% (33 units) on the first business day after the holiday.

Its previous maximum value was 1,761 and this day it renewed its historic ceiling since the debt swap in 2020. This is a very high level that clearly reflects the Investor mistrust both in reaching an agreement with the IMF and in the subsequent fulfillment of commitments.

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It should be remembered that the difference between the rates of the sovereign bonds of each nation with respect to the yield that a United States securities pays, considered risk-free.

An indicator in the 1800 point zone indicates that If the National State wanted to go out and issue debt in the international market, it would have to pay a rate of around 18%.

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Fall of Argentine bonds and stocks

After noon, Argentine dollar bonds fell more than 3% in various terms. The 2029 Bond (AL29D) recorded the steepest drop, 3.8%; the title to 2038 (AE38D) fell 3.5%; and the bond to 2030 (AL30D) sank 3.2%.

On the stock side, the movements are mixed. At the local level, the papers have the majority of red numbers, which are coupled with the downward movement that the international market showed on Monday.

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