Argo, is the Ben Affleck movie based on a true story?

For cycle True storyIris proposes again tonight Argon, a film starring Ben Affleck that won three statuettes on the night of the 2013 Oscars, including Best Picture. The film was a great success with the public, grossing a large box office profit, as well as with critics, who particularly praised Affleck’s skill and maturity as a director.

Argo, plot and cast

November 4 1979, according to the scenario of the Islamic revolution in Tehran. Jimmy Carter allows Iranian Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. At this point, the US Embassy in Iran is attacked and Iraqi militants take over the entire building for more than 400 days, causing 52 hostages. Our story is dedicated to them. 6 What they managed to escape and seek refuge with the Canadian ambassador, who has since found himself in an uncomfortable and perilous political position.

To quickly find an effective solution, the US government contacts an expert in covert missions. Tony Mendes. CIA agent draws inspiration for his plan from watching a movie with his son, in particular 2670 – Last act. In fact, the operation he will conduct involves six diplomats pretending to be members of a film crew trying to find suitable locations for upcoming sci-fi productions. Argon.

Prominent names stand out among the actors, most notably Ben Affleck, recently seen in Flash (here’s our review), which reserves the role of Tony Mendez. Although the actor is not of Hispanic descent, this did not cause confusion for the CIA agent, who, on the contrary, worked diligently with Affleck. It is also worth mentioning the performances that received the Oscar. Alan Arkin as Hollywood producer Lester Siegel and John Goodman, who played make-up artist John Chambers on stage. Among other names, we also have Bryan Cranston and Kyle Chandler.

The real story of the film

Argos frame
Argos frame

The film is based on memories by Tony Mendes himself, included with the book Master of Disguise: My Secret Life at the CIA 1999, and among the sources there was also an article Wired ‘The Great Escape’: How the CIA used a fake sci-fi movie to save Americans from Tehran 2007. The secret operation known as Canadian capersIn fact, the role of the CIA was only made public in 1997, under the Clinton presidency.

Argon Thus, he repeats the main features of the rescue operation of six Americans, however, it took too many movie licenses. As, however, in most cases, you have to do so that the real story becomes attractive to the screen. However, Affleck may have made the role of the government and the Canadian embassy too marginal, which was instead critical to the operation’s success by first protecting the fugitives and then providing them with false Canadian passports.

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