Ariadna Romero and Julio Iglesias Jr. are a couple, a photo that makes their love official

Ariadna Romero and Julio Iglesias Jr. are officially a couple. If earlier it was just gossip and stolen pictures, now the model (who had a son with Pierpaolo Pretelli) published the first joint photo on her Instagram profile.

Ariadna Romero AND Julio Iglasias Jr. I’m officially alone pair. If before it was just gossip and stolen footage, now there is no doubt about their relationship. The model herself resolved the unresolved issues by posting a message on her Instagram profile. first shooting together. The woman recently resides permanently in Miami with son Leonardoborn from his previous love with Pierpaolo Pretelli, today Julia Salemi’s partner.

The photo that makes the love between Ariadna Romero and Julio Iglesias Jr. official.

The model and the younger brother of famous artist Enrique Iglesias were recently caught by paparazzi on Spanish television, who mesmerized their relationship. In addition to photographic evidence, the model’s decision to move to Miami, Florida, where the artist already lives, also gave him pause. A decision that Romero motivated differently, but which, according to the most attentive, could also hide a sentimental reason. Today there is no longer any doubt about their relationship: they are officially a couple. Both posted on their Instagram profiles.or a romantic photo shoot togetherand which perpetuates the moment before the kiss. The model then also showed a photo son of Leonardo born out of love for Pretelli, holding a dog in his arms.

Ariadne Romero and the decision to move to Miami

Last June, Ariadna Romero explained to her followers that she had decided to move to Miami, Florida, with little Leonardo. The son was born out of love for Pierpaolo Pretelli, now associated with Giulia Salemi. A number of reasons prompted her to leave, related to work, but, apparently, from the heart: “There was no specific reason, but a number of things came together to make me decide. The person who helped me with Leo in Rome was my mother, but rightfully she has her own life in Cuba, she has a partner there, and after 3 years of continuous existence, she told me that she needed to come home. I understand”.

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