Ariadne Díaz withdraws from the Televisa project, What’s Happening to My Family?

The telenovela already has several casualties and they have not yet started recording

Ariadne Díaz had been confirmed to return to telenovelas with ¿Qué Le Pasa A Mí Familia? , a new production by  Juan Osorio on Televisa. However, the producer himself has said that the actress is no longer part of the cast.

It was the company itself that issued a statement saying that Díaz would play the character of Regina Rueda, a young woman with clear goals and the strength necessary to achieve them. She is an executive assistant to the president of a major clothing and footwear company. Due to a sentimental failure, she does not believe in love, but fate will give him the opportunity to live a beautiful and fun romance.

Díaz is not the only one who has left the project, this week it was also confirmed that  Karol Sevilla would not make the telenovela either, despite the fact that she had already recorded a musical theme that would be used within the story. Before this,  José Ron also denied having signed to star in the series despite the fact that Televisa had also confirmed it.

It will be on Monday, October 19, when in the end it is confirmed who will be the protagonists of What’s Happening to My Family?


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