Ariana Grande and the phrase that crushes the hopes of her fans: “Let me do it first” – Music

They’ve passed three years after Ariana Grande released “Positions”, which is fully included in the studio’s latest album. Yes, she still occupies a more privileged place in the industry, where she is considered one of the biggest divas of the last decade, but what is certain is that she has faced such a huge fandom that anyone who deals with her is losing patience. . Because people love music for everything I’m looking forward to expanding my repertoire with these creations that you are ready to explore using points and commands to use them to your advantage.

So it’s no surprise what happened, and that thanks to the magic of social reds and the fallout that continues to happen at every turn from Ariana, it went viral. We have a video of one of the MegaStarFM theme voices walking through the streets of Pennsylvania – he already went there for his birthday party – as he gets ready to take photos with fans who ask for them. , without miracles, for those nine days that do not finish connecting to our oils. I think she’s being asked what the name of her next album will be and she says: “Let me do it first”.

Let’s go, looks like nothing else will happen. Or this is what conclusion can be drawn from this exchange of opinions on the street, you can watch and listen to me by playing “play” on the video we found on Twitter.. Yes, it is clear that he does this with the best talents, and this always emanates the mutual kindness characteristic of people who supported the careers of their first comrades.

Your other business

As we say, it’s not that the Great One felt at home on the couch, watching series on digital platforms – which, I’m sure, also took up time for him in moments of rest -. The only one who should not show the muses of inspiration at the door is the one who prefers to be something more complete and with whom he feels identified. While we were there, we helped develop this a beauty brand that goes beyond what it is, REM Beauty, and with that we went to the market where we met many other people knowledgeable in the industry – we could consider ourselves an example for Rihanna -. He also developed his acting career in the country. musical film “Wicked”. Or, why not decide, launch one re-release of such a special album as “Yours Truly”, which served to set goals and what you went through ten years for. For a while, we realized that we were hoping to witness new work in Ariana Grande’s studio.

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