Ariana Grande divorces husband Dalton Gomez after 2 years of marriage – Delay

Ariana Grande divorces husband Dalton Gomez, The news was completely unexpected and was confirmed by (unnamed) sources close to the couple, who were married just two years ago. They are sure that there has been some rift between the artist and the real estate agent, but in spite of everything the relationship between the two seems to be calm. A decision that happened by mutual consent, knowing the end of a love affair that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez, clue on separation

Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez they have been separated since january And they are heading for divorceā€, read more tmz extension Who first spread the news of this separation citing sources close to the couple. There has been no confirmation from the pop star and actress about what has jumped from tabloid to tabloid in no time, but a A little “hint” about the end of the marriage.Celebrated only two years ago.

was great One of the most admired figures in the stands at Wimbledon Last weekend, where (almost) Kate Middleton’s entire family was also in attendance. Beautiful in her new blonde look and super signature outfit, someone has noticed that artist she didn’t wear a wedding ring on her finger, as always. something that, in fact, had already happened a few months earlier and which he himself justified at the time, admitting that it needed polishing elsewhere.

Ariana Grande ready for divorce after two years of marriage

It seems that this time there has been little impact on the maintenance of the jewel. Although the artist has not confirmed what is written on it tmz, people and all other gossip sites, some sources claim that the crisis with her husband Dalton Gomez has already started earlier this year and that the two, among other things, tried several times to find a meeting place, But ultimately reconciliation was not the path they chose to take.

Apparently there will be even more, since “Ariana and Dalton have been thousands of miles apart since December, when (she, ed) started filming Wicked always keep reading tmz extension, saying that “our sources say he’s had problems before.” “We were told so They have remained friends and still talk on the phone regularlyBut, according to sources, the marriage broke up,” the magazine concludes.

They seemed close to each other, even though they were very reserved, but always ready to share the most important moments together. Those of tenderness, as Grande posted on Instagram on the occasion of the dedication second wedding anniversary, just a few months back. The two blurted out “I love you,” a perfect fit for the union they’ve decided to celebrate in 2021 at their favorite destination, Montecito, with very few guests.

Young and beautiful, but also knows that “it’s better to never break up, but it’s useful to sacrifice yourself from time to time”, as DeMartino sings in a bittersweet song.

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